Trending Tuesday: Ask a Wedding Planner!

Are you a bride planning your own wedding but have a question or two that you need a professional answer to? Well, look no further, Boston Wedding Planner Donna Kim of The Perfect Details is offering a new service to DIY Brides - Ask a Planner!

Donna has been a professional wedding planner since 2002 and has done many kinds of weddings from the fancy schmancy city hotel to the rural, can only get to the ceremony by boat wedding! Her clients have come from all parts of the US and even from abroad! She prides herself in “listening to what isn’t being said” and uses her intuitive gift to help you make the right decisions for YOU and your wedding. Whether you get questions answered via email or choose to do a mini-consult with Donna, you get practical advice and answers to help you in planning your wedding. 

She offers an email Q&A (one or two questions) and a phone mini-consult (15 minutes). Now you can get some professional help without the expense of hiring a full-time planner!

For a limited time we are offering a 50% discount on our email and phone Q&A's! In exchange for the discount, we would love your short testimonial on how your Q&A consult went with Donna.

Here's how works: 

  1. Book your Q&A consult online by clicking here.
  2. Pay for your Q&A consult. 
  3. After your question(s) are answered or your session is completed, send us a quick testimonial.
  4. Upon receipt of your testimonial, a 50% refund will be credited back to you. 

This is a limited time offer so take advantage and get those important questions asked!