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There just aren't enough superlatives to describe Donna Kim and what she did for us. We hired Donna to do our save-the-date cards, invitations, programs, menus, out-of-town bags, seating cards and table numbers. She is amazing, from the moment we met her she listened to what we wanted, gave us her ideas, kept us on track and knew exactly what we wanted and did EVERYTHING to bring it all together for us. She has exquisite taste and her level of detailing is beyond compare. The only thing negative I can say is I wish I had another daughter to marry off so that I could work with Donna again.
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I am so thankful that I found Donna Kim at the Perfect Detail. I knew, even before I got engaged, that I wanted Pocketfold invitations, and I found the Perfect Detail through a search of vendors who work with this particular type of invitation. 
From the moment I met Donna she was warm and friendly and easy to talk to and bounce ideas off of. She also helped keep my mom and I on track so everything was done in a timely and stress-free manner. To add to that, her work is impeccable. Her attention to detail and her creative ideas were noted by many of the guests at our wedding. I am really sad that my time with her has come to an end, but I will find ways to work with her in the future. I will also refer her to anyone who asks in the future. 

Many, many thanks to Donna Kim at The Perfect Detail. The name of her company says it all.
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Our wedding was everything I could have ever wished for and MORE, and I owe it all to the hard work and dedication of Donna and her team at The Perfect Details to make it that way. Everyone asked me, "how is it that you are going to manage planning a wedding in Rhode Island while going to school AND working, AND not to mention the fact living in Michigan"?! Two words: Donna Kim! Donna was able to make the seemingly impossible, possible! From introducing me to the right vendors that she knew I'd jive with, to handling all negotiations and contracts, she literally took care of everything. 

Donna was amazing to work with. She understood exactly what I wanted out of our wedding. She managed to bring all my ideas and visions to life, and created a dream wedding that all our guests enjoyed. I can say honestly that I could never have done it without her, she took care of everything and made the whole thing seem effortless! Thank you, thank you, thank you--can not wait until my sister gets married so that we can work with her again:)
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Words can not express how fortunate we were to have found Donna Kim! Trying to plan a wedding from overseas in less than 5 months was a nightmare until that fateful night when I sent an e-mail to The Perfect Details. Within seconds I got a response and knew Donna was the ONE that I wanted to work with. 

I was thrilled that she was still available and agreed to work with us despite the tight timeline and the added challenge of us only being able to physically be in the US for only 2 weeks a little over 3 months before the actual wedding day! If we had not found Donna, we were seriously contemplating postponing the wedding! But, Donna worked her magic and lined up all the vendors for us to meet with and guided us on all the major decisions we needed to make in those 2 weeks. Till this day, I look back and am amazed by how much progress we had made in those short 2 weeks, but like everything else with the wedding, we would not have been able to do it without Donna! I'm not sure anyone else would’ve taken up our challenge, but what I’ve learned from working with Donna is that no wedding challenge is too big for her! She put her heart and soul into making our day perfect, even through an episode of bronchitis! 

We had put our trust in Donna Kim and she did not fail us. She took the time to get to know us as a couple and as individuals, so that she was able to advise us on all the decisions we had to make, as well as be able to make decisions on our behalf. Most importantly, she helped us find a perfect blend of East and West by incorporating parts of a traditional Chinese wedding into a Western setting. 

Everyone at the wedding complimented us on what a beautiful day it was and how everything was perfectly coordinated and executed to the last detail. Many said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. It was truly an AMAZING and PERFECT day! My only wish is that I could relive that day and do it all over again with Donna Kim! 

We thank her from the bottom of our heart for being there for us every step of the way! 

Trust everything that I've written and everything that was written before me, as you will quickly learn that it is all true once you start working with Donna. You can never go wrong with Donna Kim if you want the PEFECT wedding!
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Words cannot begin to describe how our wedding was the absolute perfect day - because of Donna Kim. 

In looking back, we were very challenged being that we were planning a wedding from Chicago (and the event was in New Hampshire - where we knew literally NO VENDORS) and started talking to you. From the very beginning, your follow up and attention to our needs was flawless. 

So there we were in January - trying to plan a wedding from over 900 miles away. We had no idea how difficult it would be to plan a wedding in the middle of the winter in New Hampshire (where many vendors close their doors in the winter or get back to you 3 or 4 weeks later) and we had less than 8 months to our big day. We also had no idea how difficult it would be to plan a wedding at a home residence (renting toilets, needing a generator? These type of things never crossed our minds, of course). You took control from the beginning and introduced us to the most AMAZING team we could have ever imagined. We knew were were going to have the event at my husband's parent's home and we needed a lot of moving parts and help. Our first trip to New England - you introduced us to Dana Markos (our florist) and we knew from that moment on that you were to be trusted with casting all of the vendors needed to pull off an event that involved everything from boats and shuttles to lighting, electricity, music, photography, etc. We put our trust in you (and we are control freaks - not an easy thing for either one of us), but we are SO GRATEFUL that we did. You gave us THE band of all bands - Boston Party Machine - who took wedding band music to a new level. You gave us Nikki Cole - our INCREDIBLE photographer. You gave us Seacoast Tents - who built the most BEAUTIFUL tent (on a tennis court!). You gave us Port Lighting - who made the ambiance of our event so ROMANTIC...both inside and outside of the event. You gave us Carrie's Cakes - who made a STUNNING cake that tasted even better than it looked! You gave us Boston Local Motion - who made sure everyone arrived safely at the event and made it home safe too! You gave us Rachel Berkowitz - who made my bridesmaids and me look oh - so beautiful. Your connection to our AMAZING caterer - The White Apron - was apparent and it was clear that you all enjoy working together! You gave us Rentals Unlimited - our UNIQUE square tables and linens to die for! And of, course, you gave us Dana Markos - who's work and vision in what we wanted to create was MAGNIFICENT. I use the term "gave" because you did give us the best - the professional relationships with which you have clearly worked so many years at building your business. Most of all - you gave us 1000% of yourself from beginning to end.....and you deserve not only a thank you for that - you deserve so much more as you made our wedding day the best and most beautiful day of our lives. 

As the bride, I knew that you and I would be working together most closely and if you have learned something about me over the past 8 months - I am a perfectionist. I guess it takes one to know one and that is why our connection has become so strong. You always hear brides say "something WILL go wrong, something WILL be out of place, etc" about the wedding day and just to let it go (I do agree - if something happens on the day of - it's out of your control....let it go). But on the day that I married Jody - NOTHING was out of place - NOTHING went wrong. I worked very closely with you on all of the details and if anyone were to notice - it would be me. But, that was not the case. In fact, the entire day was even more than Jody and I could have dreamed..... 

Donna, Jody and I cannot tell you how much your hard work means to us AND our families. The weekend was something that we will all cherish forever. 

As a friend - you are the best. You held me together for months when I was (just a little) stressed out. My husband loves you for this and I do too. Thank you for being a great partner to both of us throughout this planning process....we couldn't have made it without you. Thank you for being a wonderful friend to me and to Jody. We both knew you were always a phone call away and we are so grateful for your friendship. 

Everyone wants a perfect wedding and YOU GAVE it to us! 

Thank you, Donna Kim! You are the BEST in the business! 

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As many of our guests said, “This wedding is perfect!” They said it through out the wedding and reception. One guest said, “ I love the way one thing leads to the next”, referring to the way Donna orchestrated the entire event and how every part of the wedding flowed into the next part seamlessly. 

Donna is an intuitive, fun person who listens to the dreams for the perfect day, and then makes them happen. She is extremely knowledgeable about the business and has a wealth of information to share with you. In her Blackberry is a list of excellent people to help with all aspects of the wedding. We had a limited budget, the sky was not the limit, and Donna was able to work with it to create the most magical day. The venue was at a historic estate and all the details that needed to be covered were taken care of by Donna. 
She knew the caterers that the estate requested we use, and suggested two from the list. We went with Cuisine Chez Vous and I highly recommend them. Our guests were very impressed by the food and the service. 

Equally wonderful were Donna’s other contacts; photographer Nikki Cole, Nancy from Bedford Florist, Pat the D.J. kept the party rocking all night, Rachel Berkowitz for hair and makeup and of course Kerri, Donna’s very capable and quick thinking assistant who was fantastic! What a powerhouse of a team! 

To sum up: 
If you want beautiful invitations, programs, menu cards etc. call “The Perfect Details”. 
If you want creativity, call “The Perfect Details”. 
If you want someone to be there for you through all the ups and downs, although there were no downs, call “The Perfect Details”. 
If you want to be relaxed and not worry about anything, call “The Perfect Details”. As MOB, I can’t tell you the number of times people would say, “Are you going crazy yet,” and I would simply smile and say, “We’ve got people”. 
(For those friends that had potential weddings in the future, I always recommended Donna.) 
If you want to have a wedding that looked like it should be in a magazine, call “The Perfect Details”. 
If you want a picture perfect day… need I say it? Call “The Perfect Details”. Donna Kim is the ultimate Wedding Planner!!
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