Donna is miraculous, amazing, astounding and she will not steer you wrong!! 

First, she has a "team" of extremely professional and talented people that will fit into many budgets. I am still blown away by the team she organized for me...people are still raving about the food, the DJ, the photographer and I want to contact the makeup artist for a basic lesson because her makeup stayed on all night long in 90+ heat. ( I had an outdoor wedding in August.) 

Donna was with us every step of the way, giving us deadlines, holding our hands when needed, and in general, guiding us every step of the way when we didn't know which way to turn. This can be a stressful time, but it wasn't for us. No joke, everything was perfect down to the individualized details. I honestly kept hearing people go "Ooo look at that! OMG look over here! Ohhhhh!" It's not called "The Perfect Details" by accident. 

Every idea we had, even if we were inspired by another client, or image we had seen elsewhere, she found a way to personalize it so that ours was truly different, unique and not "copied". She also had so many new ideas that I had never seen or heard of and I had LOTS of magazines and websites picked out! 

Everything went so smoothly, Donna made sure we were actually done and ready to go a week before so that the actual wedding week was free of any last minute details. No matter whether it was 1 in the afternoon or 1 in the morning, Donna ALWAYS got back to me as soon as she could or was up at crazy hours just doing stuff for me. She is so dedicated to each client, you would think you were her one and only. 

Honestly, my wedding day wouldn't have been such an astounding success had she not been involved. She really listened to me, what I wanted, worked the magic to make it happen, and delivered it all. 

In the end, trust Donna, she knows what she is doing. She will be honest if you stray from the plan, budget wise too. 

You can't go wrong working with Donna. She made all our our dreams come true in a unique personalized way. I am still glowing when I talk about it!!
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Donna was a pleasure to work with and did not miss a single thing. My family and I were extremely happy with the services provided. My father even admitted it was the best money spent out of all the different wedding things we paid for. I would in a hear beat recommend The Perfect Details!
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We felt that it was the best money spent on the wedding! Donna was so helpful and professional. The day of the wedding we were all so relazed and felt we didn’t have to do anything except have a great time because Donna was in charge and we were able to have the most amazing time at our daughter’s wedding. All the details were done to perfection. She gave us so many choices and would do as little or as much as we wanted. We started with Donna primarily for invitations and ended up hiring her to do all the planning as well. She has wonderful contacts and she was such a pleasure to work with. We would hire her again in a second and recommend her highly! She even won over my husband who of course was trying to save money. He was so appreciative afterwards that he wrote her a thank you note the day after!
Services Used: Invitations, Wedding Planning


It seems like weddings are all about the details and there are so many of them. The Perfect Details is aptly named as Donna takes great care to make certain that each of those details is in fact just right. She is accessible, responsive and extremely professional in her approach as she manages all those specifics that make for just the right event. 
Many in the wedding business say all the right words as they try and capture your business but many of those unfortunately do not follow through effectively. Donna and The Perfect Details stay attentive throughout the process to ensure they deliver on their promises to you.
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I am one of those people who always said, “Why do people need wedding planners? I mean, it can’t be that complicated. That seems so extravagant.” And when it came time for me to have my own wedding, I thought I would do my usual thing -- manage it all myself, make myself crazy and bask in my angst-ridden thriftiness. Well, I am here to tell you: You NEED a wedding planner. And not only that, but you NEED Donna Kim at The Perfect Details!! She is fabulous. There is a lot to know (more than you can imagine), a lot to do (you will see!) and far, far too much to think about and worry about (I had to stop). Thanks to Donna, I kept all of this to a minimum, kept my job, and kept my husband-to-be and we had a glorious, happy wedding day. 

From the time I started working with Donna, I knew she was my gal. She is the ultimate in responsive and organized. She responds to emails at any hour (most of mine are sent at 10pm), calls you back in a New York minute (I am a Boston girl who now lives in New York) and listens carefully and patiently to any type of tirade or breakdown or fantastic indecision that may ensue. 

I am all about details (in the sense that I care about them a lot) but I had absolutely no idea about where to start with my wedding details – from wedding timing to photographer to groomsmen attire to car service to audio equipment – I was completely in the dark. Donna helped me select numerous vendors (after giving me choices, of course), kept me totally organized about planning ahead of time (“you can’t decide this the night before your wedding, Sarah!”), and served as mediator between my husband and me on several points of contention. Not only was she tremendous about the planning-ahead, but she was masterful at the wedding day coordination. That is the time when you really want to relax (and you want your family to relax!) and let someone else take over. And boy did she take over – in the best possible way. She created this massive wedding day schedule (a total work of art – I feel like I should frame THAT instead of my wedding invitation). She kept all the vendors in line, managed the various errant family members and helped move things along so that we could all enjoy ourselves throughout the evening. She also had experienced assistants to supplement her own talents, and this made a big difference because it was a large affair. 

Between my highly particular nature, my budget constraints and my indecisiveness, I am sure that I was not an easy bride. Through everything, Donna was an absolute peach. She was extremely professional and always pleasant. I would highly recommend her to anyone planning a special occasion. You will be delighted.
Services Used: Wedding Planning


We contacted her for assistance as a day-of-coordinator, but she provided much more than that. Through her professional contacts and business, we were able to obtain wedding invitations, chairs, and gifts for ushers/best man/matron of honor/reader at a substantial discount. But her services as a coordinator were the best value of all. Every meeting that we had with her was so useful and helped us feel comfortable that we were moving forward and meeting deadlines. Right before the wedding, she coordinated with the hotel, officiant, designer/florist, and dj to ensure everyone was on the same page. We had a very limited budget, and she worked with us to help us find the best vendors in the area within our price range. She is incredibly resourceful and very knowledgeable. She helped save us money in numerous different areas. She was by far the best wedding investment we could have made.
Services Used: Wedding Planning