Ladies, hopefully you plan your wedding only once in your lifetime; why not have a professional bring your vision to life and enjoy yourself instead of being stressed out the whole time? The Perfect Details can do that for you and more. They are connected to the local industry. They know all the players in the game. They know which venues are going to be best for your guest count, because they've done hundreds of weddings at all of them. And best of all, they are ROCK STARS when it comes to making - as their name implies - all The Perfect Details happen. Trust me, you have the most stress out of the two of you on that day and the days leading up to the wedding. Why go through all that alone? (Yes, I said "alone", because *he's* not going to stress out at the levels you're going to take it to!) 

Guys, don't think I forgot about you. I married my wife in 2005, and I had a blast. Dude, we had frickin' McDonald's waiting for us when we go up to the hotel suite, thanks to The Perfect Details. Sounds white trashy, I know, but let me see you rock your wedding reception with 300 of your closest friends and family and then NOT wanna scarf done some junk food after an all day throw-down! I'm telling you, this is simply a no-brainer. What, you think your soon-to-be wife is going to listen to any of your wedding suggestions? *laugh!* Quit dreaming! The wedding planner is your go-to for getting some of your good wedding ideas implemented. Insist on a wedding planner at your wedding, and may I highly highly HIGHLY recommend The Perfect Details!
Services Used: Wedding Planning, Invitations, Paper Goods, Wedding Favors


The Perfect details was PERFECT!!! On top of everything so I knew all the details were taken care of. I could just enjoy my day!!
Services Used: Wedding Planning, Invitations